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December 2022, "Security and privacy challenges of data provenance", Interational Symposium on Ecological Environment Big Data and Models, Zhejiang A&F University, China

April 2022,  “Future Cybersecurity  Challenges for Canada”, Canadian Forces College of Canadian Armed Forces

September 2021, "Career in cybersecurity: from teammate to leader: how to progress your career", (ISC)2 Toronto Chapter August Meeting

August 2021, "Privacy implications of  document leaks", Beauceron Security Cyber Awareness Talks

March 2021, "Story of your cryptographic key: source attribution of RSA keys", Certificate Authorities and Browsers (CA/B) Forum

November 2020, Career panel, WiCyS Ontario

October 2020,  "Code attribution", (ISC)2 Toronto Chapter

September 2020 "Authorship attribution in Blockchain",  SECRET, H2020

December 2016 "Know your enemy: malware attribution in mobile domain" Annual Computer Security Congress, Mexico

April, 2016 "Advanced Computing Applications in Career Paths" ACENET Open house
September, 2015 "Entrepreneurship Ecosystems at Universities" Atlantic Schools of Business conference
May 2015 "Global Outlook in Defence & Security" Defence Trends Symposium 2015, Canada
May 2015 "Android malware code reuse: myths and reality" 2015 Honeynet Project Workshop, Norway
May 2015 "Searching for silver bullets - detecting application layer DoS attacks" 2015 Honeynet Project Workshop, Norway
May 2014 "Application layer Denial-of-Service Attacks" 9th Network Security Event for Latin America and the Caribbean, Mexico, [video]
February 2014 "Security Data Science: Challenges and solutions" T4G Big Data Congress, St. John, NB, Canada
November 2013 "Malware attribution" Annual Computer Security Congress, Mexico
September, 2013 "Application layer Denial-of-Service attacks: What is real?" Math and Computer Science Society Colloquium, Mount Allison University, Canada
April, 2012 "Malware behavior - What can we see from the network side?" Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA
October, 2009 "Botnets: detection and mitigation challenges", Atlantic Canada chapter High Tech Crime Investigation Association (HTCIA), Fredericton, NB, Canada

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