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March 2024 "International Women's Day Pi O'clock celebration", Innovation Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Canada

January 2024 "How are we tricked? Phishing, vishing, quishing and smishing", Saskatchewan Seed Growers’ Association (SaskSEED), Saskatoon, Canada

July 2023  “Women in Tech: Innovation and Entrepreneurship”. Panel, The Third International Telecommunications Conference (ITC-Egypt'2023), Egypt
July 2023 “Where are the weak keys: RSA keys sharing across PKI ecosystem”. Invited keynote, The Third International Telecommunications Conference (ITC-Egypt'2023), Egypt

December 2022, "Security and privacy challenges of data provenance", Interational Symposium on Ecological Environment Big Data and Models, Zhejiang A&F University, China

April 2022,  “Future Cybersecurity  Challenges for Canada”, Canadian Forces College of Canadian Armed Forces

September 2021, "Career in cybersecurity: from teammate to leader: how to progress your career", (ISC)2 Toronto Chapter August Meeting

August 2021, "Privacy implications of  document leaks", Beauceron Security Cyber Awareness Talks

March 2021, "Story of your cryptographic key: source attribution of RSA keys", Certificate Authorities and Browsers (CA/B) Forum


2024/05/05    "U.K. bans generic passwords over cybersecurity concerns. Should Canada be next?", Global News

2024/05/05    "United Kingdom bans easy to guess passwords in cyber-attack crackdown", Global News

2024/04/29     "Cyberattack prompts all London Drugs locations to close temporarily" Global News

2024/03/9       "Ransomware attacks" CBC Radio, Day 6

2024/03/5       "Cyber attacks are getting easier, experts warn after 3rd federal incident", Global News

2024/02/13     "Sask. school division asked to monitor 'dark web' for student, staff information after security breach",  CBC News

2024/01/25     "Supermassive" data leak,  630 CHED radio, Edmonton and QR radio, Calgary

2024/01/24      Experts urge vigilance in wake of ‘supermassive leak’ of digital data, Global News

2023/7/12        Canadian firms paying ‘significantly’ more in ransomware attacks, Global News

2023/03/10      Fraud losses in Sask. nearly doubled in 2022 to $9.3M, data shows, CBC, Saskatchewan

2023/03/02      Sask. experts weigh in after government bans TikTok on work devices, Global News

2022/08/19      Cybersecurity is a red-hot career choice – why aren’t more women working in this space?, The Globe and Mail

2022/06/30      Saint John moves to add QR code parking payment option, News, CBC, New Brunswick

2020/03/15      How A Free Phone Charge Can Lead To A Hacker Stealing Your Info, News, Huffington Post

2020/03/01      Juice jacking attacks, Now Trending, CJAD 800 AM radio station

2019/03/20      Security of 5G technology, Morning show, CBC

2019/01/04      Canadian cybersecurity landscape, PowerPlay, CTV

2018/05/3        Hackers attack on BMO bank, New Brunswick evening News, CBC

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