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For a full list for publication:

Smart Contract behaviour classification. B. Pan, N. Stakhanova. Z.Zhu, US Patent Application PCT/IB2022/059597, Filed October 07, 2022

Graph structures for event matching. N. Stakhanova, A.Ghorbani and W.Bird. US Patent No. 9413598. Awarded Aug 9, 2016. Assigned to IBM.


Generic Parsing of Unstructured Data Sources. N. Stakhanova, A.Ghorbani, E. Biglar Beigi, B. Wuest and W.Bird. US Patent Application No. 91680991.

System and method for simulating network attacks. A.Ghorbani, I-V. Onut, N. Stakhanova and W.Bird. US Patent No. 8160855, Awarded Apr 17, 2012. Assigned to IBM.

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