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Practical Security

  • Large Corporations such Staples, Target and Home Depot have all been victims of major security breaches. Staples lost the credit information of 1.6 million customers, Home Depot had 56 million files stolen of customer information and Target had a malicious code installed on their payment processing system costing them 6.1 million dollars.  


  • These stories send shivers down the spines of senior management of large corporations across the globe but what is there for you? You may think: “So what? What does this epidemic of information security

       breaches have to do with me? I do not hold a high-profile position, neither do I have my own company.

       Why in the world would hackers be interested in me?


  • The current trends in cyber security crime suggest that for hackers, theft of personal information is a

       profitable avenue where the theft of personal credit cards makes only a tiny fraction of their profits.

       Sooner or later you will become an object of their interest and hackers will try to steal your information

       or exploit you for their benefits in one or another way. The misperception that you are safe because you

       do not have anything valuable to hackers is misleading and it is only a matter of time when you become of


Table of contents

Chapter 1 – Why should you care about security or how much you worth on underground market

Chapter 2 – Thread landscape: threats & vulnerabilities

Chapter 3 – Anatomy of attack and evolution of attackers

Chapter 4 – Introduction to cryptography and encryption

Chapter 5 – Malicious software. Botnets, viruses, and worms… What else is coming?

Chapter 6– Social engineering attacks: phishing, spam, trojans

Chapter 7 – Securing your computer

Chapter 8 – Securing your mobile devices

Chapter 9 – Securing your data

Chapter 10 – Passwords

Chapter 11 – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn: Securing your online social life

Chapter 12 – Securing your online browsing

Chapter 13 – Preserving your privacy: TOR browser

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